The University of Nottingham Tenpin Bowling Club

Welcome to The University of Nottingham\'s Tenpin Bowling Club - whether you enjoy bowling socially or at a competitive level, this is the club for you! We bowl at least once a week - every Thursday, 7.00pm at 1st Bowl Nottingham in the city centre. We bowl three games which will cost £6. Membership for the whole year is just £10 and you don\'t need to pay for sports centre membership beforehand. As a member you get student night prices whenever you bowl! 10% off food and drink at the alley, free coaching, and access to our sensational socials. For the first two weeks we bowl just as everyone knows it, then we add a touch more structure by introducing a league for a bit of friendly competition. You don\'t have to be a bowling god though, as the league is handicapped (like golf), so everyone is on a level playing field. If you take bowling a bit more seriously, or would like to, that\'s great too. We can help you get your own pieces of kit, and train you up to enter some of the national tournaments organised by the BUTBA and BUCS. These are always a great day out, with the opportunity to take home a prize and socialise with like-minded students from across the country. When we\'re not bowling we have plenty of varied socials - everything from game nights, movie screenings, pub crawls, laser quest, meals out, and barbecues. There’s sure to be something that takes your fancy! Being part of the club puts you in a great position to really build some lasting friendships, because were not as big as some of the other sports clubs no one gets lost in the crowd. To find out more checkout any of the tabs on the left or join our Facebook group and follow us on Twitter Already hooked and want to beomce a member? Visit: Or come and find us at Freshers Fair. If you have any questions get in touch
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