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Welcome to the Southampton University Tenpin Bowling Club Website!

The Tenpin Bowling Club is currently located at GoBowling in Fareham. Please email for further information if The list of committee members can be found by clicking on Committee.

For the latest club news including upcoming tournaments and socials as well as other news can be found out by clicking on News and in the Club Diary.

By clicking on Scores & Stats you can find out the latest Bowling averages as well as high games and series. This page also includes a link to all the scores from the season and links to archives of averages/scores from previous seasons. The league table can be found by clicking on League, this page also links to pages containing the league\\\'s results/fixtures, format and team details. Results from BUSA/UCTBA tournaments as well as more detailed information on upcoming tournaments can be found by clicking on Tournaments.

Photos from tournaments, socials etc. can be found by clicking on Gallery.

Tenpin Bowling is an AU Colours club. Details on the standards required to achieve colours can be found by clicking on Colours.

Links to various Tenpin Bowling Websites can be found by clicking on Links.

To enter the adminstration site to modify pages click on Admin.

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